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Do You Love Your Job as Much as These e-Discovery Pros?

Keely McKee

With love in the air, we can’t help getting a little sappy about our true love: e-discovery. From the excitement of innovation to the liveliness of the community, e-discovery is the wind beneath our wings. We know you understand this love affair, but in an industry where it can be tricky to explain what you do every day, your valentine might not understand why you’re so passionate about e-discovery—even though there are plenty of us out there who do.

While you were busy preparing for Valentine’s Day with that special someone—buying flowers and heart-shaped chocolates, planning a romantic dinner, or contemplating your Netflix and takeout options—we asked a few friends from the community why they love working in e-discovery.

110615_angela-green_120x120.pngAngela Green, deputy director of the Lockheed Martin Mega Program

“e-Discovery is the perfect industry for any convergent thinker. You have the opportunity to be helpful and solve problems each day, sometimes new—sometimes familiar. Solving problems with technology is never boring and always brings opportunities to learn.” 


ralph-losey_100x100.pngRalph Losey, national e-discovery counsel at Jackson Lewis, P.C., and

“I love doing what I want and getting paid for it. In my case this means playing with computers for the purpose of finding evidence of what really happened in a dispute.“


leonie-taylor_100x100.pngLeonie Taylor, head of consulting at International

“I love that no one outside the e-discovery world has any idea what I do at work on a day-to-day basis. I’m like an enigma.”


jp-midgley_100x100.pngJP Midgley, CEO of Avalon

“I love solving other people’s problems and challenges. There is no better feeling than knowing you accomplished what was seemingly impossible to someone—and I truly believe no one does it better than our team.”

greg-houston_100x100.pngGreg Houston, manager of product specialists at kCura

“My relationship with e-discovery is like any other. We have our good days and we have our bad. The highlight is finding ways to use technology to make our lives better. I love learning about new tech tricks and then passing those on to other people. There’s always some situation you could never have imagined. Finding a solution for it is very rewarding.”


pratha-mantri_100x100.pngPratha Mantri, computer systems analyst

“One of my favorite things about my job is the intense problem solving. Every task requires that I find the most efficient feasible solution within a time limitation, then communicate to the client why it's the best solution.”


louis-martin_100x100.pngLouis Martin, senior manager at iDS

“What I love about my job are the daily challenges and embracing the opportunity to conquer new and interesting puzzles. In many ways, I view the e-discovery field as smooth and user-friendly because you don’t have so many of the distractions other types of jobs do; you prioritize and you conquer.”

Keely McKee is a member of the creative team at Relativity, specializing in content development.

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