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Save Yourself from Holiday Lethargy with These CLE Opportunities

Kristy Esparza

Ahh, December. That time of year where trees and rooftops twinkle and Mariah Carey warbles on about what she wants for Christmas. It’s a season of love and celebration—and of course an opportunity for almost everyone, kids from age 1 to 92, to get a few days away from their day jobs.

But when your feet are sore from shopping and your will exhausted from dodging controversial topics at the dinner table, don’t let your mind atrophy. Instead, squeeze in a few minutes here and there to brush up on your e-discovery knowledge, make plans for the coming year, and maybe even earn a few CLE credits along the way.

When your family can’t decide between Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story

Why settle for Clark or Ralphie when you have Ari Kaplan, Ed McAndrew, and David Horrigan ready to dazzle the whole family with The Law of Mobile, Social, and Emerging Technologies? Gather the tiny tots around the glow of your computer screen for trends and case law surrounding “bring your own device” policies and social media in the workplace. You’ll get 1.0 CLE credit, and your kids will finally understand why you won’t buy them an iPad.

You can learn more about the webinar and watch it for free right here.

If your local soup kitchen already has enough volunteers …

Giving back to the community is a classic way to show your holiday spirit. Though the warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping those in need is hopefully reward enough, a CLE credit or two won’t hurt. Eleven states now allow attorneys to claim CLE credits for pro bono legal service, but regardless of where you live, organizations like the Immigration Advocates Network, Natural Disaster Legal Aid, and the American Bar Association’s Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence are always looking for volunteers.

Know you want to lend your services, but not sure where to start? Head to or the American Bar Association to find opportunities in your area.

When you need inspiration for your holiday cards …

How do you turn humdrum writing into good writing? That’s the question Frederick Alimonti promises to answer in his on-demand CLE course, Telling Your Story: Effective Advocacy in Legal Writing. Throughout the 75-minute session, the litigator and published children’s book author will help you ditch the legal tone in favor of compelling arguments through storytelling.

For $89, you’ll get 1.0-1.5 CLE credits in 19 participating states. Watch it here.

If you’re looking ahead to the New Year…

When you’re jotting down your New Year’s resolutions this year, consider adding the Practising Law Institute’s webcast, Big Data For Lawyers: How to Use Data Visualization in Your Practice. There’s no doubt that data visualization has earned its keep in the legal world, as we try to digest the massive amounts of data in a case. If you haven’t gotten a grasp on how to summarize your data with visuals, join this CLE-accredited webcast on February 8.

Don’t need the CLE credit? Check out this free e-book instead to see how data visualizations can help you uncover hidden insights.

Non-CLE Bonus: If you’re fresh out of tolerance for Christmas music…

Instead of reliving how grandma was murdered by a reindeer for the millionth time, tune in to something not nearly as traumatizing, like one of the nearly 40 podcasts on Legal Talk Network. “Thinking Like a Lawyer” and “Lawyer 2 Lawyer” caught our attention—both examine current events through the eyes of, you guessed it, lawyers.

We also like the tech talk series “The Digital Edge,” co-hosted by cyber-security expert and head blogger at Ride the Lightning, Sharon Nelson.

If you’re in a more techy mood, peruse a catalogue of on-demand e-discovery webinars in our training center or webinar library.

Kristy Esparza is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, specializing in content creation and copywriting.