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See How Your Stars Align at Relativity Fest 2021

Blair Cohen

From crystal balls to palm readers, tarot cards to tea leaves, people have tried just about everything under the sun to make sense of our lives and futures. Heck, even the most down-to-earth people, farmers, consult the Farmer's Almanac. Me? I am all about my star sign (Taurus, of course). And I’m not the only one.

According to the app-tracking firm Sensor Tower, App revenue in astrology  generated $40 million in 2019. For all of us, being able to predict the future would really simplify things, wouldn’t it?

Energized by this shared interest, we’ve put together some astrology-inspired readings for Relativity Fest attendees who fit various personas in the legal field: law firm professionals, litigation support partners, communication surveillance experts, and in-house teams. Scroll on to take a peek.

Whether you have had Co-Star downloaded for years or these videos are the start of your ~*astrology journey*~—I want to remind you that the stars simply tell us a story of what could be. Use these ideas as guidance as you head into the event, but remember: You have the power to make your Relativity Fest experience uniquely yours.

The Cutting-Edge Law Firm Journey

You’re always looking for a way to level up your firm—which is why you’ll feel a gravitational pull toward sessions where you’ll hear from law firms who are innovating using RelativityOne. These could include “Choose Your Own Relativity Adventure: An ROI Journey” and “Securing Trust in RelativityOne.” Since you’re always looking to exceed your customers’ needs, you’ll be tuning into “Best Practices for Building Strong In-House & Outside Counsel Relationships.”

Check out the video to see how the stars align for you during Relativity Fest.

Following the Partner Path: Creating Alignment and Mutual Success

As a Relativity partner, you’re tuning into Relativity Fest to create alignment and mutual success for you and your customers. Sessions like “Perspective of the Customer: What Corporations and Law Firms Expect and Demand from Relativity Partners” and “State of the Union: Service Providers in the Global e-Discovery Market” will pique your interest.

Tune into the video to see how the alignment of the planets will affect your Relativity Fest.

Surveillance Tech & Compliance Trends with Trace

As the demand for surveillance technology continues to rise, you are looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. You will find yourself pulled into sessions like “From the Frontlines: The State of Surveillance Technology” and “Management and Trade Reconstruction 101: Leverage Relativity Trace to Reduce Stress Around These High-Pressure Regulatory Inquiries,” where you’ll hear from compliance teams on how they are using technology to keep up with regulatory requirements.

Watch the video to how the alignment of Mercury in the house of communication will inform your Relativity Fest.

The Alchemy of Corporate Legal Work

The way that corporations communicate and conduct business is changing rapidly. With new data sources and channels, a dispersed workforce, and growing data volumes, you’re looking for a way to stay ahead of the changing shape of data—which is why you’ll be tuning into sessions like “Corporate e-Discovery’s Role in the Future of Data Privacy” and “What’s Spurring Collections Woes?”  You’ll hear from e-discovery practitioners and how they are handling the outpouring of data in the corporate space.

Dive into the video to find out how the alignment of the moon and stars could change your Relativity Fest.

Artwork for this article was created by Sarah Vachlon.

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Blair Cohen is a writer on Relativity's brand team, where she focuses on telling compelling stories, capturing insights from our community, and representing the company with energy and enthusiasm.