Wired to Learn

Relativity’s Wired to Learn grants help schools who are seeking innovative solutions to academic and non-academic challenges and believe technology integration is crucial to student success.

Our Approach

Students in underserved schools often lack access to technology. Relativity Gives, our corporate giving program, recognizes how vital technology is in the classroom. We created the Wired to Learn grant in 2013 to level the playing field by bringing additional technology to local schools that need it most.

Wired to Learn grants provide a transformational influx of technology that helps improve students' learning experiences and prepare them for college and careers. The grant—a three-year, milestone-contingent award—also provides resources and funding to help teachers integrate technology into their everyday curriculum.

The Results

Schools that have received the Wired to Learn grant have reported higher test scores, increased attendance rates, and increased student engagement since implementing the technology. Teachers report that the new technology has transformed the educational experience for their students. In these new, technology-rich environments, students are able to quickly and easily collaborate on projects, look up more information when they don't understand a concept, and find extra activities to help them master a new skill. Additional technology has helped students become leaders of their own education and helped teachers provide more personalized interaction with their students who need it the most.

Wired to Learn is also transforming the neighborhoods in which these schools are located. Schools are offering access to technology and training workshops to their communities, which help parents increase their own knowledge and steward their students' education. With newly acquired email addresses and training on tech-based resources, parents are able to communicate with teachers quickly and find information about student homework and other classroom activities on teachers' websites.

The Results