AIDA, developed by LAER AI, is a cutting-edge AI Discovery Assistant designed for rapid, large-scale document review and investigation. Leveraging expertise from leading AI specialists, AIDA uncovers key facts, shapes litigation narratives, and drives superior litigation outcomes, streamlining the discovery process with near real-time efficiency and precision.

AIDA: AI Discovery Assistant

AIDA, developed by LAER AI, revolutionizes document review with its advanced machine learning algorithms, delivering a 3x to 12x speed increase over traditional TAR methods. Its standout feature is its ability to quickly zero in on responsive and critical documents with high precision and minimal human supervision. AIDA's innovative approach includes learning directly from natural language instructions, enabling it to quickly adapt to new information or evolving issues. Additionally, AIDA autonomously builds a knowledge base of entities and events, simplifying data navigation for attorneys and uncovering valuable insights hidden in unstructured data.

Key benefits of AIDA include:

  • Autonomous TAR (Technology Assisted Review)
  • Build predictive models based on natural language instructions
  • Semantic search and fact discovery via conversations
  • Document/Entity analytics and statistics reporting