Armatus™ by Cloud Court, Inc.

Armatus™ is a cloud-based software that combines AI-augmented realtime transcription, auto-search, and remote collaboration in one interface. During depositions, Armatus converts participant speech into text and allows participants – inside or outside the deposition – to select and link content to Relativity databases to identify documents related to witness testimony in real time.

Optimize testimony to optimize results.

The Cloud Court platform gives litigators extraordinary advantages in depositions. The Base Module uses the industry’s most accurate speech-to-text AI. The Armatus module is the only app that integrates realtime transcription, collaboration and eDiscovery search.

As a deponent speaks and you select words or phrases, Armatus searches your Relativity workspace and quickly delivers relevant results.

Attorneys and remote colleagues can privately chat, conduct independent searches, and share files. A deposing attorney can tailor questions to elicit more favorable testimony for their case. Defending attorneys can rapidly respond to unexpected developments and rehabilitate witnesses while still on the record

Benefits of Armatus include:

  • Auto-launch a search for documents related to witness testimony as the witness is testifying.
  • Integrated search into your Relativity database (requires configuration). Armatus enables litigation attorneys that are not personally familiar with Relativity to nevertheless leverage some of its functionality to identify key documents during depositions (i.e., when they are more useful, you can authenticate them, and use them to question key witnesses).
  • Creates a machine-generated realtime deposition transcript so your court reporter doesn’t need to be realtime certified, and you don’t need to pay for realtime services.
  • Stream live audio and transcription to remote participants so your expert, paralegal, second chair or in-house client can participate without the expense of travel.
  • Private chat with colleagues so you can collaborate and tailor your questions on the fly. For example, attorneys taking the deposition of an expert witness (damages, technical, medical, etc.) can have their own in-house or retained experts listen in remotely, feeding their counsel key facts, documents, questions and comments that the attorney can use to box in an opposing witness.
  • In-house attorneys can listen in or monitor remote depositions of company employees or 30(b)(6) witnesses. If those witnesses make an inadvertent mistake, counsel can alert their in-room attorney and provide them with documents that they can use at the deposition or during a break to remind or educate the witness. Correcting errors while still on the record, prevents opposing counsel from using uncorrected mistakes against you at summary judgement or at trial.