A/V Suite by KLDiscovery

KLDiscovery A/V Suite augments Relativity with the power of multimedia review. Visualize audio files for review and make redactions within the Relativity document viewer—no additional software installation required.

KLDiscovery A/V Suite | Relativity App Hub

Visualize, Redact, and Produce Audio Files

Litigants have an increasing need not only to produce audio files, but also to ensure that sensitive information is not disclosed. KLDiscovery A/V Suite offers a solution. It allows users to visualize audio files (in waveform format) and even make redactions. KLDiscovery’s clients can now produce only the audio that needs to be disclosed and nothing more.

KLDiscovery A/V Suite seamlessly integrates with Relativity and requires no alteration to your review workflow. Customers love the ease of use, precision of playback control, and features that expand far beyond the default multimedia playback options in Relativity.

Benefits of A/V Suite include:

  • No Separate Software Installation – Multimedia files launch automatically within the existing Relativity document viewer and require no additional installation of software on a user’s local machine, saving IT and security headaches.
  • Intuitive Playback and Zoom Controls – Intuitive controls give users flexibility to review and redact multimedia files with the highest degree of precision.
  • Easy Audio Redactions – ‘Click and drag’ redactions make the formerly impossible task of redacting an audio file not only possible, but easy.
  • Preview Redactions – At any time, users can preview audio files with redactions applied to ensure the file has been properly edited prior to production.
  • Log Redactions – A/V Suite gives users the ability to view timestamps of every audio redaction and annotate them for future reference. Delete, jump to, or play/pause the audio segment under every redaction.
  • Produce the Redacted Version – Applied redactions are seamlessly integrated into the original audio file to render a new version that is free of sensitive material, so you can produce audio files with confidence.
A/V Suite: 2016 Innovation Awards Winner - Solution Provider


A/V Suite: 2016 Innovation Awards Winner - Community Choice