ayfie Inspector by ayfie

ayfie Inspector is a highly scalable text analytics engine that indexes, understands, and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed – all without leaving your Relativity environment. ayfie Inspector combines entity identification, normalization, data visualization, and analytics to power Relativity workflows and allow lawyers, investigators, and knowledge workers to extract value and understanding from unstructured content.

Backed by more than 30 years of research into linguistics and semantics and more than a decade of enterprise search experience, ayfie Inspector empowers organizations to extract maximum value from their investment in Relativity by simplifying the assessment and review of unstructured content. Other text analytics platforms see letters and words as groups of symbols, devoid of context. ayfie goes beyond ‘AI,’ employing linguistic methods, semantics, and local grammars to contextualize, normalize and truly understand even the largest corpus. The results? Supercharged workflows, intuitive, smart content search, and rich, actionable analytics.

Benefits of ayfie Inspector include:

  • Identify and normalize entities to extract true meaning and context from large amounts of unstructured content
  • Organize content for more orderly, efficient review with duplicate and language detection, threading, clustering, and categorization
  • Identify document types and relationships, extract hidden metadata and structured information scattered in unstructured form
  • Extract important contract metadata and identify clauses related to M&A due diligence
  • Augment and speed the efforts of knowledge workers