BatchGuru by vdiscovery

BatchGuru is a collection of integrated tools that extends Relativity by placing a wide range of controls in the hands of end users.

vdiscovery is proud to offer its clients a brand new collection of powerful tools for Relativity called BatchGuru. Clients can access these tools right within their workspace, allowing them to easily and quickly complete tasks with less manual assistance from a service provider or in-house litigation support team.

BatchGuru is a collection of tools that extend Relativity, offering consistency and ease-of-use that can be shared by the whole team–from tech savvy analysts to busy attorneys. Built on top of Relativity, BatchGuru is customizable within your Relativity environment. All aspects of BatchGuru have security features and controls built in to guarantee the highest level of data integrity. BatchGuru is also highly scalable to meet the demands of growing data sets.

vdiscovery places these powerful controls in your hands. BatchGuru allows you to pick from a growing set of tools and only presents those tools you require. BatchGuru can be used in collaboration with vdiscovery’s project management team, who will be happy to take over any BatchGuru tasks at any time during the process.

Some of the tools include:

  • MD5 Hash Generator
  • Time Zone Converter
  • Sort Date Creator
  • Native File Exporter
  • Time Zone Offset Calculator
  • and more