Videris® by Blackdot Solutions

Blackdot Solutions’ Videris® is a professional investigations and research tool that helps analysts map corporate structures, find connections between networks and identify risk content in minutes. With Videris®, Relativity users can manage existing information and find new information from a variety of internet-based data all in one place.

Transform the investigative process.

Blackdot Solutions provides investigators and analysts with a unique, proprietary software with unrivalled capability for professional investigations and research. Videris® brings intelligence agency-grade investigations technology in-house to a wide range of sectors including legal, financial and corporate. Together, Relativity and Videris® is the first tool allowing users to combine their own offline datasets with intelligent online searching. Users can enrich their understanding of the people and companies in their data, giving them an information advantage over their competitors.

Key features include:

  • Rapidly build a comprehensive understanding of people, companies and events.
  • Find critical information from obscure sources, even when it is intentionally hidden.
  • Accurately and clearly map corporate structures in seconds.
  • Identify connections between networks in minutes.
  • Be sure you haven’t missed any critical information.