Brainspace 6 by Brainspace

Brainspace develops innovative augmented intelligence technology that seamlessly connects the human expert to world class machine learning through interactive visual analytics designed to enable users to reduce legal risk and collect actionable intelligence.



Augmenting Intelligence to Accelerate Human Potential

Brainspace creates breakthrough machine learning software that intelligently detects and relates unique phrases in massive unstructured datasets–redefining what it means to search and revolutionizing what is humanly possible.

The platform’s learning is expressed through interactive visualizations that are thoughtfully simple yet unbelievably powerful. Brainspace provides a 360º view which adapts as it follows the user’s train of thought, suggesting additional pathways that help connect the dots even faster.

Visual Analytics–Navigate your data with ease

Intuitive visualizations help you quickly navigate your data. Instantly gain a bird’s eye view through a map-like content ‘Cluster Wheel’ and a ‘Communications Network’ view to track email traffic flows and volumes.

  • Navigate your data more naturally
  • Quickly reveal the story in your data
  • Intelligently organize data for a fast review
  • Reduce the volume of data to review

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Intelligent Search–Augmenting search with intelligence

Intelligent search surfaces keywords, detects phrases and expands concepts to uncover adjacent material without needing to know the right terms. Take control of your search by engaging facets and adjusting term weights.

  • Use intelligence to drive concept searching
  • Shape your search with advanced features
  • Keyword expansion curates related terms automatically
  • Irrelevant text is always excluded

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Communication Analytics–Visualize the conversations

Answer the questions ‘who knew what and when did they know it?’. Discovery creates a bird’s-eye view of the flow and volume of email, and simplifies the view by consolidating email aliases into a single identifier representing each person.

  • Move seamlessly between powerful communication network analytics and contextual content analytics.
  • Identify relevant content and reveal the people participating in the discussion.
  • Identify important people, see them in the context of their network, and reveal the important concepts they discuss.
  • Use powerful filtering tools to reduce clutter and focus on the communications and content that matter.

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