BreachZero for Relativity by Braintrace

BreachZero for Relativity is a sophisticated, custom-built security solution designed to seamlessly integrate with any Relativity environment.

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Solution

Data contained within Relativity is often mission critical, making it a coveted target for cybercriminals. BreachZero for Relativity acts as a vault that protects your Relativity environment. By segmenting Relativity server components and only allowing authorized traffic, BreachZero insulates all communications. In addition, BreachZero applies threat intelligence, intrusion prevention, and defense against insider threats. All can be easily monitored from your BreachZero dashboard.

Benefits of BreachZero for Relativity include:

  • Automated detection & response to security threats
  • Customer dashboards for monitoring security health of Relativity instances
  • Cloud analysis of threat telemetry
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Deception services for protection against rogue employees or insider threats
  • Isolation of each component of Relativity
  • Streamlined, security-hardened virtual appliance