A&M Chatview by Alvarez & Marsal

A&M ChatView exports chat logs and files such as, emojis, voice messages, pictures and videos from WeChat, DingTalk and WhatsApp into a near-native format for a user-friendly review experience with advanced searching capabilities.

Review more WeChat, WhatsApp and DingTalk data with ease

Alvarez & Marsal’s WeChat Discovery application, A&M ChatView does away with traditional spreadsheet reviews which are often time consuming and may miss important information such as chat context, group chats, use of emojis, voice messages, pictures, videos, articles and shared mini program messages. A&M ChatView offers near-native formatting of WeChat conversations within the Relativity platform enabling the reviewer to effectively and efficiently search, analyse and review WeChat conversations in a format consistent with the original chat conversation but with the added benefits of being in a review environment.

A&M ChatView can also support chatting software such as WhatsApp and DingTalk.

A&M Chatview screenshot

Key benefits of A&M Chatview include:

  • Displays data such as files, photos, videos, voice messages, emojis, articles and shared mini program messages from WeChat for review in chat bubble format
  • Identifies keywords, chat participants and automatically organises chat by date or time
  • Tags with issues using colour coded highlights
  • Analyses relationship patterns and chat frequency with a timeline dashboard
  • Performs redaction and proper disclosure for transcripts