CI Contract by Cimplifi

Using CI Contract for large-scale contract review, large contract portfolios can be quickly searched and de-duplicated, analyzed, key data extracted and reviewed, culminating in a report for analysis, reducing time, resources, and cost typically associated with large-scale contract review.

The industry’s first end-to-end contract analytics and review platform.

Purpose built for a wide range of use cases, including M&A projects and regulatory requests, CI Contract integrates Relativity with the leading contract analysis tool, DocuSign Insight. Our experts utilize Relativity to first ingest your contracts for baseline searching and culling. Then, we extract the target contract population and load them into Insight, where custom AI models can analyze and extract hundreds of clauses or key data points, resulting in a custom analysis report and/or Relativity workspace to further attorney review.

Key benefits of CI Contract include:

  • Expedites large scale contract review
  • Quickly searches and de-dupes, analyzes, extracts key data for review, culminating in a report for analysis
  • Delivers an expedited contract portfolio assessment, surfacing key information and providing vital insights from contract portfolios, with with increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Automates processes that extract, analyze, and normalize data from volumes of contracts and quickly delivers an analysis that would take weeks to complete with manual review
  • Applies advanced technology and subject matter expertise to identify a wide range of issues and provide visibility into critical contractual information
  • With AI-powered technology and data models, CI Contract can find specific content and clauses within hidden, obscure, and complex contractual data and increase the accuracy of the information extracted from each contract