CI Migrate by Cimplifi

CI Migrate is the automated migration tool that assists users in the migration of workspaces from Relativity Server to RelativityOne in single click. CI creates a workspace ARM in Relativity Server and, through automation and multiple processes behind the scenes, creates a new RelativityOne workspace for the matter.

CI Migrate magically automates moving matters from Relativity Server to RelativityOne

Migrate a workspace from Relativity Server to RelativityOne in single click. CI Migrate commences an automated process that:

  1. Creates an ARM of a selected workspace
  2. Moves the ARM out of your Relativity Server repository
  3. Transfers to a dedicated fileshare
  4. Uploads your ARM with encryption via high-speed to RelativityOne
  5. Unpackages the ARM in RelativityOne
  6. Validates the files so that you now have an active RelativityOne workspace in the Azure cloud without lifting another finger

The effort and energy required to complete the steps and tasks associated with migration are now eliminated with CI Migrate.

Key benefits of CI Migrate include:

  • Automated migration
  • Relativity Server to RelativityOne
  • Simplified, single-click process
  • QC and Validation process is part of automation
  • Available to DaaS client and Cimplifi Partners of Record