CI Translate by Cimplifi

CI Translate enables Relativity users to machine translate documents on the fly. Resulting text and language identifications are automatically written to fields in Relativity, allowing for faster determinations of relevancy and / or the necessity for full translation.

Automated Mass Machine Translation and Language Detection for Workspace Documents

Simple: CI Translate uses a Mass Action, enabling users to easily select documents for automated translation and language identification through our Azure based engine.

Integrated: Results are automatically written to fields within the workspace, which can then be indexed for searching and analytical functions.

Results Oriented: Users can quickly and easily make a determination as to any document’s relevancy to a matter and decide if more thorough / costly translation methodologies are necessary.

The interface simplicity and integration make this a client favorite and it is included as part of Cimplifi’s Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) Platform on both our Server-based and RelativityOne instances.

Key benefits of CI Translate include:

  • Real-time translation and language identification of workspace documents
  • Completely integrated & automated, through a simple mass action
  • No data is maintained on 3rd party systems
  • Status monitoring included