Client Dashboard by Ricoh Canada

The Client Dashboard provides clients insight into case sizes, status, configured users and trends within their workspaces hosted in the RelativityOne environment of Ricoh Canada. This data allows them to better manage their subscription and cost recovery with their clients.

Detailed information on all workspaces for cost control and recovery.

The Client Dashboard provides information available through the billing scripts in an easy-to-use interactive interface with data focus on a single client. This self-serve service gives clients insight into their own data and allows them to drill into areas of interest to manage their subscription with Ricoh. They can easily identify inactive users or cases that could be archived or placed into Cold Storage. The data available provides them with cost predictability as well as cost recovery with their own clients.

Key benefits of Client Dashboard include:

  • Insight into data subscription with Ricoh
  • Cost predictability
  • Cost recovery with own clients
  • Easy identification of cost savings opportunities
  • Daily updated data supports time sensitive analysis and decision making
  • Customization for client specific needs is possible
  • Easy to use interface