Consortra Translations

Consortra Translations’ Connector for Relativity makes it easy to transmit legal documents securely within Relativity for foreign language translation. Consortra is a well-respected partner in the legal community, with over 15 years of experience. We specialize in serving industry-leading law firms, e-discovery companies, and corporate legal departments around the world.

Foreign Language Translation for the Legal Industry

Consortra Translations’ Connector for Relativity allows law firms and e-discovery companies to efficiently and securely send Consortra their legal documents for competitively priced, high quality, and professional foreign language translation. When time is of the essence, Consortra Connector for Relativity provides our clients options for both human and machine translation and drastically reduces client-side production time to allow a greater speed to market. Translated files are returned to your instance of Relativity in their native file format. The Consortra Connector also supports automatic text extraction through Relativity Processing, allowing your users to instantly search all translated text, which can be searched against and can also be viewed in the pane by switching between the source file, translated file, and extracted text.

Benefits of Consortra Translations’ Connector for Relativity include:

  • Ease of use: No more packaging/repackaging of files to be sent via email or SFTP. All files are sent securely from and back into Relativity; files are organized and maintain their original names which mitigates tracking complexities.
  • Speed to market: Translated files are returned in their native file types, and automatic text extraction is available via the Connector’s support for Relativity Processing. With the Processing profile set at the start of any project by your Relativity administrator, all translated text will be automatically extracted and fully searchable upon delivery from Consortra, providing a significant time saving for your teams.
  • Access control: Files are kept in their original workspaces in Relativity as determined by your administrator.
  • Scalability: No project is too big or small. The system accommodates multitudes of files or just one file.
  • Monitoring: Real time monitoring and history is available to see when a project has been completed or is still in process.
  • Data screening: Your administrator and/or users may select different geographical locations for data storage (the US or EU, for example) for those projects where this is a requirement.