DDIQ Integrator by Exiger

Exiger’s DDIQ Integrator connects Relativity and DDIQ, Exiger’s award-winning AI-powered research engine. This allows users to perform due diligence and research on entities (people and companies) within their data, gain a fuller understanding of who or what they are, uncover connections that are hidden beneath the surface, and assess the risks those entities carry.

AI-powered research for due diligence and investigations

Exiger’s DDIQ Integrator connects Relativity to Exiger’s award-winning AI-powered technology, DDIQ. DDIQ screens thousands of configurable sources including the open web, news sources, government watchlists and premium sources (such as World-Check, Factiva, D&B, Lexis Nexis and more) to automatically and comprehensively identify, assess and mitigate risk while uncovering deeper links between entities unparalleled by other tools. It is now possible to perform enhanced research on entities uncovered during document reviews to gain a deeper understanding of potential links to the case at hand, automate KYC onboarding and comprehensively assess a client’s risk profiles.

Key benefits of DDIQ Integrator include:

  • AI-powered research for due diligence and investigations
  • One-platform solution – the power of DDIQ combined with the familiar Relativity interface
  • Automated data flow
  • Enriched data set integrated with advanced risk analytics
  • Auditability & data integrity