Deloitte Audio Assistant by Deloitte

Audio eDiscovery technology can reduce the time required for transcription by as much as two-thirds, while providing consistent, accurate results. Deloitte Audio Assistant technology is a “first pass” tool designed to help reduce the time and expense of discovery by helping to make the document assessment ready, thus reducing the workload for your experienced reviewers.

Reduce transcription time by two-thirds

Deloitte Audio Assistant has the potential to bring efficiency and improved accuracy to producing discoverable audio. The Audio Assistant application allows users to search through a large population of documents, send the native audio files through a transcription server and import the transcribed text into the database, accessible from the Relativity tab within a workspace. The technology integrates with the suite of tools built on Relativity’s eDiscovery platform and enables indexing, transcribing, and searching of audio files. These capabilities, coupled with continuing decline in the cost of automated transcription, are likely to further demonstrate the viability of transcription solutions.

Key benefits of Deloitte Audio Assistant include:

  • Reduces the workload of experienced reviewers and the time required for transcription by as much as two-thirds
  • Works with both on-premise and RelativityOne platforms
  • Flexible language support options for transcribing more than 60 languages
  • Word and document-level confidence indicators
  • Audio files can be played in Relativity alongside reviewing audio transcripts
  • Transcribed utterances are timestamped, and transcribed documents can be indexed
  • Supports many common audio file types, including video, such as MP4, and identifies unsupported files