Deloitte Search Term Assistant by Deloitte

Deloitte Search Term Assistant technology is a “first pass” tool designed to help reduce the time and expense of discovery by helping to analyze search term syntax, thus reducing the reviewer workload.

Reviews the syntax of keyword search terms to identify errors.

The Deloitte Search Term Assistant tool integrates with the suite of tools built on Relativity’s eDiscovery platform. The tool reviews the syntax of keyword search terms that are to be executed in Relativity or a processing tool and reduces the cost of human review. The tool helps find the right documents by creating a correct set of search terms through syntax validation.

Key benefits of Deloitte Search Term Assistant include:

  • Works with both RelativityOne and Relativity Server platforms.
  • Reduces the cost of human search term review.
  • Expedited Workflow - Spend less time reviewing and troubleshooting incorrect search term syntax.