Deloitte Watermark PDF by Deloitte

Deloitte Watermark PDF is built into the Relativity work stream, and allows authorized parties to quickly export a watermarked PDF of a document or batch several documents at once. The watermarks provide a method for better controlling copies of exported documents. Additionally, exports are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to exported documents.

Secure handling of offline documents

Deloitte Watermark PDF application allows users to apply a watermark to an exported PDF version of documents from Relativity on the fly. Including watermarks on printed documents may help to identify when and who exported PDF versions of documents from the secure review platform. Imaged documents may be exported individually from the viewer by right clicking and selecting “Print to PDF”. The document will be converted and will open in a new window with the predefined watermark. Documents may also be mass converted by creating a batch job. Documents are placed in an encrypted zip and made available for download.

Key benefits of Deloitte Watermark PDF include:

  • Work with both RelativityOne and Server platforms
  • Reduce vendor expense by running your own watermark jobs
  • Expedited deliverables
  • Watermarks helps improve securely sharing documents