Ditto by Milyli

Ditto, a Milyli technology, saves Relativity users time and effort by replicating user permissions across workspaces or between groups in the same workspace.

A technology that replicates user permissions across workspaces and more

Relativity administrators get back time to plan their workflow for efficiency, manage their review team, and focus on accuracy, rather than spend valuable time on permission settings.

Example Use Case: A Relativity admin needs to propagate permission changes from the template workspaces out to the workspaces that were built from the template or imported for it.

This illustration provides an example of a permissions interface built using Ditto.

Benefits of Ditto include:

  • Saves time by eliminating the repetitive and tedious clicks and load times typical in permission setting
  • Reduces the risk of missing a permission setting during a manual comparison
  • Works ’as is’ with out-of-the-box deployment
  • Offers customizable options for additional workflows at a lower cost due to an existing framework

Key Features of Ditto include:

  • Permissions moveable within a workspace and across workspaces
  • Simple drop-down functionality for permission setting
  • No templates needed to replicate permissions

About Milyli’s Custom Development Services

Milyli’s custom development service solutions improve project management, team productivity, software migrations, and much more.

Designed with Relativity in mind, Milyli’s advanced technologies function as ’starter’ frameworks that decrease delivery time and end costs, while adhering to the highest standards of functionality, reliability, usability, and efficiency.

With a team that has over 100K+ hours developing on top of Relativity and even more beyond the platform, Milyli can tackle any challenge legal professionals face. What’s more, the team’s expertise and flexibility allow customers to participate in whatever capacity best fits their custom development project–whether that’s leading, collaborating, or simply sitting back while Milyli does the heavy lifting.