EmailSmart™ and DupSmart™ by Lighthouse eDiscovery

EmailSmart™ suppresses lesser-included portions of email threads and attachments to reduce the overall volume and inconsistency in data review, while DupSmart™ groups together near-duplicate documents so reviewers only have to code one version and can easily compare differences between similar emails.

Reduce Review Volume Without Reducing Reviewed Content

Through the use of its proprietary SmartSeries offerings, Lighthouse eDiscovery cuts clients’ ediscovery costs by effectively and efficiently reducing the volume of data subject to review and automating workflows to analyze, categorize, and report on both relevant and privileged data. EmailSmart™ and DupSmart™ are safe and effective ways of addressing lesser–included portions of email threads through a simple, automated and defensible process. While only all-inclusive email threads or attachments are suppressed in the most basic application of EmailSmart™, DupSmart™ allows for greater adjustments, including more complex constructions of inclusion and de-duplication in suppressing documents.

At all levels of suppression, the EmailSmart™ and DupSmart™ processes are traceable, reportable, and defensible. Custodian information for all thread versions is maintained throughout the process and reported for all documents undergoing analysis. If any questions arise during the course of production, suppressed versions of threads can be easily identified, retrieved, and processed for subsequent production. This and other examples of efficient and effective workflow, process, and reporting are available through Lighthouse eDiscovery’s SmartSeries™.

Benefits of EmailSmart™ and DupSmart™ include:

  • EmailSmart™ and DupSmart™ create immediately-realized savings over the course of a review, allowing document reviewers to focus on email thread content instead of construction.
  • Analysis of EmailSmart™ and DupSmart™ outputs are intuitively reported for greater accuracy during the election of thread suppression and organization.
  • Implementation fits seamlessly into existing Relativity interface.