Reviewer Command Center™ by Esquify

Get a better handle on your document review performance with real-time data. Esquify’s Reviewer Command Center couples with and enhances existing Relativity data to offer insights into reviewer and team productivity, performance, and progress.

*Reviewer Command Center™ available with Esquify license

Esquify is a powerful document review application that improves your case management capabilities with performance data and analysis. Integrate Esquify’s proprietary Reviewer Command Center with Relativity to add a unique reviewer-focused layer to your review.

Through Esquify’s machine learning technology, reviewing attorneys are supervised simultaneously and at scale. The Reviewer Command Center improves your understanding of how effectively reviewers interact with documents while also highlighting opportunities for performance improvement. Its real-time data creates a potent tool for establishing a review performance baseline – ultimately giving you a better handle on how improved reviewer efficiencies can save you time and money.

Esquify’s Reviewer Command Center™ offers:

  • Real-time productivity analysis for individual reviewers and teams
  • Virtual supervision of reviewers
  • Reviewer, document, and overturn statistics
  • Built-in communication tools
  • On-the-go monitoring with Esquify’s iPhone app

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