Fileread develops innovative machine learning technology that empowers any legal professional to maximize their document analysis productivity. Through its state of the art natural language processing model, users can simply interview their documents in plain English, and get answers directly from the source.

AI for Litigation Document Analysis

Keyword searches often return false positive results or miss actually relevant hits due to typos, synonyms, or phrasing that may share the same semantic meaning in the evidence. Fileread enables users to ask English questions to their documents and is able to return the most relevant hits based on the actual meaning of the query and the text. Make document analysis a breeze with Fileread analyzing the vast amount of documents for you.

Benefits of Fileread include:

  • Scalable Speed based on Usage: A scalable solution for any type of workload. Simply add more predictors depending on the amount of documents needed to analyze.
  • Intuitive Usage: Simply send your documents and questions to Fileread for answers. Examine them using our native document viewer and save the annotated document for further work.
  • Continuous Improvements: Enjoy continuous improvements such as adding more compatible filetypes and collaboration tools for improved cross-team functionality.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily send your files and questions to your Fileread account for analysis without leaving the familiarity of your Relativity Workspace.

How to Get Started

Contact us at the contact info provided or email for setup assistance.