Relativity Infrastructure Solutions by George Jon

George Jon is a pioneering eDiscovery infrastructure specialist delivering performant, scalable, fault-tolerant Relativity environments. We work with corporations, leading law firms, government agencies, and independent resellers/hosting companies to quickly and strategically implement large-scale Relativity networks, as well as troubleshooting and perfecting existing systems. Employing a modular framework that has been tested and perfected over a decade of R&D, environments can be customized to individual client needs, budgets and requirements. The best practices developed by George Jon have become the standard for global eDiscovery systems, driving productivity, profits and peace of mind throughout the industry.

George Jon Kits = Perfect Relativity Performance

The George Jon ‘Kit’ is a synchronized collection of hardware, software and managed services, all specifically designed to provide perfect Relativity functionality. Every component in the Kit has been rigorously tested with the other components over a decade of R&D–we understand how every element affects performance and stability–guaranteeing an amazing end-user experience. Kits are built using proprietary Dell OEM blocks, incorporating our proven best practice methodologies for industry leading Relativity performance.

We offer ready-to-go solutions for every size of business:

  • Single Server Mobile Kit: an all-in-one storage, networking and computing solution for small cases
  • VRTX Mobile Kit: modestly scalable solution for large cases and on-the-go professionals
  • Enterprise Kit: permanent, fully scalable solution that provides long-term bottom-line results
  • 24/7/365 Managed Support: 40+ crack engineers with proven Relativity expertise

Key benefits include:

  • Consistent Infrastructure Design: Our consistent, symbiotic design allows us to deliver knowledge gained from individual clients to the benefit of our entire roster. We can universally manage every client system by simply modifying the baseline network. This spider web of connected environments allows for comprehensive QA testing, and hence allows us to holistically implement changes that proactively improve every Kit worldwide.
  • Proven Best Practices: For over a decade, George Jon has dedicated itself to perfecting Relativity infrastructure. This passion quest of R&D, ongoing testing, coordinating with manufacturers, and nonstop innovation has enabled us to build a coordinated set of proven Best Practices that form the foundation for our Kit components.
  • Easy, Unlimited Scaling: All infrastructure in a George Jon ecosystem is designed to be inherently scalable, so your systems will always be able to grow with your business. A modular framework allows you to start small (as little as a two-server cluster and minimum storage), with the unlimited ability to grow incrementally as needs and performance dictate.
  • Quick and Easy Data Migration: George Jon facilitates quick and easy migrations of existing workspace data into your optimized environment. Have your data in place and functioning in a few minutes–a huge benefit for data-centric customers who actively use the system and require uninterrupted performance.
  • Reliable DR, HA, and Backups: George Jon’s comprehensive knowledge of Relativity workflow allows them to design and implement high-availability and disaster recovery systems to protect you from costly downtime and data loss. Your data is always secure and can be quickly restored in the event of an emergency.
  • Dell OEM Hardware: George Jon and Dell boast a 20+ year collaborative partnership based upon teamwork, innovation and creative problem solving. Dell produces OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment for George Jon, custom-built using our specifications and best practices. Only through such high levels of teamwork, experience and technical stewardship could we produce Kits that perform from the moment of implementation.
  • Global White Glove Implementation: George Jon can deploy eDiscovery solutions to any client site worldwide. Our Consulting & Procurement teams are experts in the logistical and legal complexities of doing multinational business and construct tailored solutions to meet client needs.
  • Comprehensive, Invisible Oversight: The GJ360 proactive managed service ensures hardware, software, and backup and storage systems perpetually run at peak efficiency. Transparent 24/7 oversight helps optimize your environment’s Relativity performance.