Go by icourts

Go, an icourts product, provides RelativityOne users with the capacity to annotate and highlight documents on an iPad. Go is a truly mobile eDiscovery app that increases the efficiency, flexibility & accuracy of mobile document review.

Winner of Relativity Fest 2019 Best Innovation: Solution Provider.

Highlight, annotate & mark-up legal documents in RelativityOne on the iPad

Workplace flexibility is unquestioned in the modern working environment. Law firms must provide flexible hours and work-from-home arrangements to attract the best and brightest. To meet modern expectations whilst maintaining a competitive advantage, law firms must invest in legal technology for productivity.

Go is designed to fill the void in flexible working tools in the eDiscovery arena. We want to empower lawyers by creating a truly mobile document review application that utilises Apple pen technology. Go harnesses iPad’s user-friendly interface to increase productivity and mobility in the legal industry.

Benefits of Go include:

  • Go’s features can be customized to suit your workflow and users
  • Secure connection to Relativity via API
  • Automatic document loading
  • Secure single sign on
  • Syncs to RelativityOne instance to carry over user’s permissions and privacy settings
  • Intuitive design the Apple pen means Go is so user friendly – even the least tech savvy can master in seconds.


Go by icourts: 2019 Innovation Awards Winner - Solution Provider