Gravity Stack

Gravity Stack is a data solutions company with a core focus on building technology, legal process and human expertise around data to delivery collective intelligence in law. We offer demand-led solutions and products, tested against authentic legal cases, which provide proven value to customers.

Relativity Custom Development Services

Gravity Stack has been building and customizing Relativity applications for legal departments, law firms and solution providers for years to meet the wide spectrum of litigation, transactional and operational business requirements from our customers. We can deliver solutions ranging from simple scripts or event handlers to fully integrated commercial applications.

The types of custom applications Gravity Stack has built include:

  • Dashboarding and integration of Relativity data to external sources.
  • Dashboarding and integration of external sources including other legal technology platforms to be presented within the Relativity interface.
  • Scripting for application-level and workspace-level reporting and data manipulation.
  • Agents for scheduled reporting, alerts, and analysis.
  • Customized workspaces to handle non-review workflows and case/workspace management.
  • Event handlers to assist review workflows for day to day templatized review to unique matter-specific workflows.
  • Fully integrated commercial applications.

Gravity Stack helped develop:

  • Periscope: eDiscovery BI Software
  • Pipeline: Deal & Business Project Management Software
  • Stack-et: Legal Operations Ticketing & Collaboration Software
  • Trial Tracker: Docketing and Trial Solutions Management Software
  • Strategy Hub: Case Strategy Software
  • Consent Tracker: Automated M&A Closing Mechanics Software
  • RFP Analyzer: RFP Q&A Analytics Software
  • Legal Inventory: Global Regulatory Compliance Software
  • Legal Profitability Analyzer: Business Unit Profit & Loss Metrics Software
  • EDDS Helper: EDDS Content Visualization Software
  • Automated User Disabler: Rules Based User Administration Software
  • Custom Billing Scripter: Automated Legal Technology Billing Software
  • Workspace Management Dashboard: Workspace Portfolio Oversight Software
  • Help Desk Knowledge Base: Internal Legal Tech Help Desk Software