Guardum Redactor by Guardum

Guardum Redactor is the next generation auto redaction tool for Relativity.

Using advanced pattern matching recognition, Guardum Redactor automatically finds, highlights and redacts personal information within native documents including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, PDF, CSV, TEXT directly inside of Relativity.

Guardum Redactor is the only tool which allows you to scan your workspace using Guardum’s own proprietary Ufoundme™ technology to locate individuals’ names and third party personal information required for redaction or anonymization – essentially completing hundreds of hours of manual work in seconds, no matter if you are redacting for a DSAR or for litigation.

Automated DSAR and litigation redaction tool

Guardum Redactor reduces the time required to find, highlight and redact hundreds of different types of personal information automatically in native file types allowing you and your team to focus on the areas that need your expertise.

Key features of Guardum Redactor include:

  • Manage and control personal information automatically.
  • Find “known unknowns” in large data sets saving up to 93% on traditional methods.
  • Auto search and anonymize multiple native file types without having to convert to an image file(s).
  • Reduce human error by redacting words, phrases, and text patterns simultaneously.