H5 Matter Analytics® by Lighthouse

Matter Analytics is a groundbreaking solution for Relativity that helps you tackle the cost, efficiency, and risk management challenges associated with review of potentially privileged information, complex email conversations, and highly regulated personally identifiable information (PII), and personal health data.

  • Lower privilege costs by up to 75%. Traditional privilege screens return overly-broad potentially privileged data sets that perpetuate costly privilege review. With Matter Analytics you can now reduce privilege review costs by up to 75% while maintaining 100% recall.
  • Accelerate review and privilege logging. Matter Analytics cuts email content by up to 70% and helps reviewers make faster relevancy, privilege, PII, and redaction decisions with an innovative viewer. In addition, auto-privilege reasons and normalized attorney names streamline privilege log building.
  • Manage modern ediscovery risks. Matter Analytics uses tightly calibrated linguistic models and a conversation viewer to help you systematically find highly regulated personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) so you can mitigate the associated risks during ediscovery.

H5 is now Lighthouse. For more details, visit: https://www.lighthouseglobal.com/news-events/lighthouse-completes-acquisition-of-h5.