Improving contract review with Heretik

Our contract review solution enables Relativity users to extend their favorite e-Discovery tool to corporate transaction and regulatory response projects, enhancing best practices with minimal disruption. Heretik's solution enables this by focusing on ensuring our solution is delivering value through the following areas of functionality.

Truly Structured Data

Text blocks are simply not enough. Our solution creates a structured and consistent data scheme that creates a sub-document index for analysis across multiple contract types, while unitizing documents into a contractual family (Masters to Addendums, exhibits, SOW, PO, Excel, Emails, etc.) across any document data set.

Document Review

Structured data is only useful if there is a scalable review experience that calls for action based upon the relevant context required for favorable decisions. Relativity's document review platform excels in security, scalability, and configurability and is used extensively for digital document review.

Collection Process

In a world of rapid digitization, tomorrow's worries are quickly becoming today's crises, resulting in companies continuing to struggle with digital organization. Easily manage the collection, identification, and processing of vital documents scattered across multiple repositories with the help of forensic teams.

Speed To Review

The sooner teams can begin analyzing documents, the sooner expert problem solvers can add their contributions. Teams no longer need to wait for training rounds or seed sets to begin analysis. Start working with the documents in minutes and respond to the results in real time without needing new data sets or models.

Start Turning Insight Into Action Today!

Our solution is perfect for a variety of use cases across regulatory responses, corporate transactions, and contract data management.

Regulatory Responses

  • IBOR
  • CCAP
  • Brexit
  • AB5
  • IRFS-16

Contract Data

  • Lease Review & Abstraction
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Contract Investigation
  • M&A
  • Due Diligence
  • Divestitures

Contract Data

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Assurance
  • Solutions Integrations

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