Hillogic – Evolution through innovation

A leader in the Australian market with over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of technologies, Hillogic strives to improve clients’ business processes with creative solutions and automation. Specializing in web-based products, we’re focused on producing cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions. Since 2016, we have developed custom applications for law firms, service providers and corporations, including Relativity.

Benefits of Hillogic include:

  • Relativity scripts, custom pages and custom event handlers
  • Standalone applications that integrate Relativity with third-party applications
  • Windows import/export applications for Relativity
  • Automated unit testing in Relativity
  • Web applications displaying statistics from Relativity
  • Australia document numbering script
  • Automated hyperlinking application linking into Relativity
  • eDiscovery task management application designed for a managed service clients
  • Automation toolkit integrated into Relativity
  • Public websites designed to port data directly into Relativity