IPRO-Q allows Relativity users to take advantage of IPRO’s OPEN DISCOVERY resources to perform processing actions like OCR, Image conversion and Production exports.

Integrate IPRO’s OPEN DISCOVERY platform into your Relativity workflow.

IPRO-Q® provides seamless integration between the processing component of IPRO’s OPEN DISCOVERY platform accessed within your Relativity environment. Use IPRO-Q to perform image conversion and text extraction via OCR directly from native files with results loaded directly to the associated documents within a Relativity Workspace. IPRO-Q can also be used to generate production output. Now you can leverage the power and performance of Ipro processing.

Key features include:

  • A plug-in that appears as a tab in Relativity for non-review processing needs.
  • Access IPRO-Q environment wide or push the application to specific workspaces as needed.
  • Takes advantage of current OPEN DISCOVERY processing environment.
  • Robust queuing system with priority, pause, and scheduling capabilities.
  • OCR, Imaging, Productions, Branding, Loading, and more.