Language Localizer by Sandline Discovery

The Language Localizer is a Relativity Application that allows Relativity Objects such as Tabs, Views, Layouts and Fields to be renamed with any Unicode character set through a simple and intuitive interface. CJK characters, Cyrillic, Arabic and others can all be copied directly into the tool allowing an Admin complete control when naming Objects.

Unicode character set language localizer for Relativity Objects

The Language Localizer allows a Relativity Admin to localize workspaces for any regional review team in a way that improves workflow for international Relativity users. Once added to a workspace, Tabs, Views, Layouts, and Fields can all be renamed with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic or any other Unicode character set. This flexibility allows document reviewers in any country to have a similar experience to their English-speaking counterparts and has been found to increase review efficiency, saving time and money for clients.

Benefits of Language Localizer include:

  • Relativity Object language localization. Rename Layouts and Fields with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or any other Unicode character set.
  • Built in to Relativity. Simply click the Language Localizer tab in your workspace for access to the application
  • Secure. Provide access to appropriate users or groups through permissions.
  • Easy to use. Quickly localize with no learning curve. Using the built in Language Localizer, select the field or layout you wish to edit, manually add the Chinese or other Unicode characters you want to localize to, and click Submit.
  • Supports all Unicode character sets. Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala, Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Myanmar, Georgian, Hangul, Ethiopic, Cherokee, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, Khmer, Mongolian, Han (Japanese, Chinese, Korean ideographs), Hiragana, Katakana, and Yi, to name a few.
  • Tackle local language or dialect issues. Ensure that instructions aren't lost in translation.
  • Increase document review efficiency. Improve workflow for international Relativity users, leading to increased review efficiency and saving time and money for clients.