Language Weaver Connector for Relativity

Formerly Iconic and SDL, Language Weaver’s e-discovery translation software allows you to translate vast amounts of foreign language ESI quickly, securely, and effectively, without having to move files in and out of your review platform. We empower you to search for and find the most relevant documents in your multilingual content, in your language

E-discovery in one language, yours.

With proven technical excellence in the development and deployment of legal translation software solutions, Language Weaver’s proprietary software enables better quality end-to-end legal translation solutions that can be further adapted to your legal case by our in-house expert team of technologists using proprietary language tools.

Managing multilingual data for cross-border litigation, regulatory compliance and other forms of information governance may not be part of your everyday business, but when they arise you need to be equipped.

  • Proprietary technology: Innovative, state-of-the-art, proprietary architecture based on neural networks and artificial intelligence means more effective translations for review, reducing the risk of missing critical information.
  • Broad language coverage: Machine translation in more 3,000 language combinations means the vast majority of cases are covered. Don’t have your language? We can build it.
  • Automatic language Identification: Automatically detect the languages of your data set so you can focus on the review at hand–in your language.
  • Native file translation: Native file formats supported in Relativity including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), emails, PDFs, and text. The formatting of your original files (table, headers, spacing, font, etc.) is retained in the translation, allowing you to identify the location of key information in the original foreign language document.
  • Translation customization: Further adapt translations to your legal case, content, or industry with custom enhancements–including terminology and glossaries–for even more accurate translations.
  • Robust, scalable: Translate large volumes of documents in a fraction of the time.
  • Secure, confidential: Our private cloud solutions are secured using certified SSL technology, and our on-premise solutions ensure your data never leaves your network, preventing information leaks.
  • Data protection: Our servers are located in multiple jurisdictions, meaning you can control where your data resides depending on the requirements of your clients.