Ligl is the industry’s first and only digital evidence lifecycle orchestration software making the litigation and investigation process frictionless for enterprise legal teams using Relativity. Ligl automates the end-to-end workflow making the process execution seamless. With customizable, case-based workflows to ensure consistency, eliminate process missteps and manual errors, Ligl delivers significant time and cost savings.

Single click to bring data into RelativityOne

Legal hold and eDiscovery workflows are complex. Ligl is an automation tool that makes it all simple. Highly intuitive and easy to use, Ligl lets you take control of your digital evidence lifecycle and seamlessly onboard data into your RelativityOne/Relativity environments with full defensibility and adherence to the chain-of-custody. Ligl optimizes the RelativityOne/Relativity workflow and eliminates risks that might arise due to errors. Work smarter and faster, accelerating the discovery process through automation with Ligl.

Ligl Dashboard

Key Benefits of Ligl include:

  • End-to-end automation of all your eDiscovery workflows with all-in-one dashboards to manage and monitor all your workspaces
  • RelativityOne & Relativity Integration to easily get your data onboarded
  • Transfer the evidence from the corporate network or cloud to RelativityOne automatically
  • Up-to-date custodian information with direct integration to your HR system
  • Fully automated Preservation and Collection from 30+ types of enterprise and cloud sources
  • Case level templatization for the entire eDiscovery process, including settings for Relativity and RelativityOne brings consistency and accountability

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