MaxMessage by TSD Software

MaxMessage builds on the Message of the Day (MotD) feature to neatly enhance communications within Relativity by adding different message targets, periods, attachments, and the long-awaited message acknowledgment history.

Keep your Relativity users informed.

If you’re a project or case manager, you know how complex e-discovery projects can be. Case strategy and more can change at a moment’s notice–and these changes need to be communicated at the right time, to the right people.

MaxMessage streamlines communication across Relativity, making it easier than ever to get information to and from your teams. Compose rich-text messages, add attachments, and schedule communications to be sent during specific time periods and to different targets–individual users, a group of users, all users in a workspace, or all users in a Relativity instance. Include acknowledgement requirements and never ask yourself, ‘Did they get my email?’ again.

Benefits of MaxMessage include:

  • Scheduling and sending rich-text messages to different targets
  • Various file attachments in messages
  • Ability to track message attachment downloads
  • Receiving instant notification alerts anywhere in Relativity
  • Access to Acknowledgment Message History
  • Access to Inbound Message History
  • Ability to download Acknowledgment Status Report in PDF file

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