MCS MessengerOne by The MCS Group

MessengerOne is a secure messaging system that enables users to communicate and collaborate within Relativity workspaces.

Secure Messaging and Collaboration within Relativity

MessengerOne sets the standard for Relativity messaging. Whereas cloud offerings like Slack or Microsoft Teams are meant for corporate messaging and many types of tasks, MessengerOne can be used directly within a Relativity workspace for communication and collaboration that is pertinent to a specific case. It allows users to send messages, search for messages by text or by topic, and create threads for specific topics. All of this is done on top of the secure Relativity platform, which follows the case wherever it goes, including archival.

Key features of MCS MessengerOne include:

  • Real-time communication within the Relativity platform
  • Notifications for new messages
  • Create topic-based message threads using standard hashtag designations
  • All workspace messages can be archived with standard ARM