Message Crawler by Hashtag Legal

Message Crawler allows you to convert data from numerous file formats to Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF). You can choose how data will be split, selecting either one day, one week or one month per conversation, allowing you to see the data in the most convenient presentation for your needs. Attachments such as pictures and video files are preserved and displayed within the conversation, allowing for consistent and easy review.

RSMF conversion allows you to convert short message conversations into images at the time of production. This allows you produce short message conversations just like you produce email, eliminating need for special exports in Excel or other file formats that cannot be directly loaded to review tools.

Benefits of Message Crawler include:

  • Read data from following file formats:
    • Industry standard DAT file
    • Slack (JSON)
    • Google Hangouts (JSON)
    • Bloomberg Instant (XML)
  • Import Slack or Google Hangouts data and download attachments locally
  • Perform name normalization identifying variations in names and take steps to correct them
  • Allow user to control which metadata field will be transferred into RSMF file
  • User has full control of how data will be split into multiple RSMF files
  • Attachments preserved and displayed within the conversation
  • Bonus tools included:
    • Bloomberg email conversion (XML to EML)
    • MBOX to EML conversion and filtering + extraction of Gmail labels
    • Directory List tool