Mobile Archiver by TeleMessage

TeleMessage Mobile Archiver enables financial enterprises to capture and archive the SMS/MMS/Calls/WhatsApp of employees in line with current regulations such as FINRA and MiFID II. TeleMessage integrates directly with Relativity Trace. Data from Mobile Archiver is automatically converted into RSMF and displayed in Relativity in near-real time to allow for quick and easy review.

Mobile Capture and Archive for SMS/MMS/Calls/WhatsApp

We provide several capture and archiving methods for BYOD and corporate phones including:

  • Network Archiver: integrates with mobile carrier networks to get a copy of messages and calls directly from the operator network, and provides the ability to archive this data
  • Android Archiver: a lightweight agent runs in the background and records all messages and calls and uploads them to be archived
  • Enterprise Number Archiver: provides employees with a business number associated with an app on their phone to archive business-specific communication
  • WhatsApp Archiver: archives standard WhatsApp chats and calls with customers with all content included

Key benefits of Mobile Archiver include:

  • Ability to archive all forms of mobile communication within a single solution
  • Supports corporate and BYOD phones
  • Separation of business and private communication
  • Integrates with enterprise archives and compliance platforms
  • Store mobile communication in the cloud or on prem