Custom Application Development Services by NSerio

NSerio is a software development company focused on our client’s satisfaction and success.

Experience and Expertise

NSerio is a software development company dedicated to strategically designing and building solutions that help solve real business problems. Since 2011, we have developed award-winning applications for top hosting partners, law firms, corporations, and even Relativity. We can develop just about anything on Relativity, from a simple event handler to an interactive web application. Let our team guide you with a creative way to resolve complex problems with our expert advice or through the development of your next Relativity Innovation Award Winner.

NSerio Services:

  • Integrations: We integrate your application, open-source, and third-party APIs into Relativity.
  • Application Development: We can build just about anything into Relativity.
  • Code Reviews: We can analyze and provide constructive feedback to prevent and identify problematic code, based on high quality standards.
  • Automation: We can help you save time by designing and automating repetitive processes.
  • Quality testing: We perform testing services to ensure your product is tested over a wide range of specifications.

NSerio Licensed Products

Request a 30-day free demo of:

  • NSerio Calendar: Visualize and add a calendar to all of your important case events in Relativity by using information that already exists in your workspace objects.
  • NSerio Kanbanify: Organize and code documents and objects in Relativity with the help of a Kanban board.
  • NSerio NTune: NTune is a real-time user chat and collaboration tool. Like your favorite communication tool, but with the ability to be content aware within Relativity.

Working closely with Relativity, NSerio helped develop:

Relativity Fest Innovation Award Winning Applications Developed by NSerio: