OctaveAPI by United Language Group

OctaveAPI provides Relativity users with a cost-effective and efficient way to quickly identify and translate relevant multilingual documents. Integrated multiple-language keyword searches, language identification, and machine and human translation capabilities make for a seamless workflow within Relativity.

Integrated machine translation and rapid connection to legal linguists

A translation partner who understands the demands of multilingual e-discovery projects can be a huge advantage for law firms and legal departments. United Language Group (ULG) offers both machine translation services and an expert team of legal linguists for projects that require a human touch. ULG approaches legal language services with years of experience managing the requirements and challenges legal teams face.

With OctaveAPI, users can combine the power of ULG’s language services with Relativity. OctaveAPI is a cost-effective solution that provides added functionality and efficiency for multilingual internal investigations, litigation, and government matters, all within the familiar framework of Relativity.

Key features include:

  • Specialized Language Identification: The proprietary ULG Language Identification (LI) service is hosted and configured in Relativity to identify files containing foreign language content. The OctaveAPI LI service can report on the top three languages in an individual file, ideal for translating international email correspondence.
  • Integrated Keyword Searches: Users can configure lists of relevant keywords for automatic identification in machine-translated documents. After machine translation, documents are imported back into Relativity with keyword density data, allowing users to identify the most important documents for a case.
  • Rapid Machine Translation: Using OctaveAPI, users can send files to the secure ULG domain for machine translation. Our rapid Machine Translation (MT) engines produce translated versions of foreign language content within hours of submission by the user and automatically upload to Relativity for analysis.
  • Expert Human Translation: Users can easily select human translation from within the same Relativity screen. Selected files are automatically packaged and sent for quoting by ULG.