Optimum by Vertical Discovery

Optimum is the first ever automation platform for corporations to eliminate the friction inherent with eDiscovery technologies and complex corporate legal data management.  It dramatically simplifies matter management, legal holds and preservations, collection management and eDiscovery to reduce the time and cost of these manually intensive workflows with a unified user experience.  It can be deployed rapidly in the cloud for immediate value or behind the client’s firewall.

Enable end-to-end eDiscovery Automation with Optimum

Unified Platform – All your eDiscovery workflows from a single dashboard

Optimum makes it very simple for you to manage cases, hold, preserve, search, and collect data for automated processing into RelativityOne, with full audit, automation, and defensibility at scale. The application sits within your corporate network and connects via secure APIs to a variety of data stores for legal operations to manage multiple cases from a single unified dashboard. From Optimum Navigator, corporations can manage the following:

  • Start your matter with the appropriate case details and legal workflow templates
  • Set the scope for the matter: select your custodians, date ranges and define the search terms for targeted forensic collections
  • Build and manage legal holds
  • Navigate through more than 42 types of enterprise and cloud data sources to select and execute full or targeted preservation locks and collections
  • Trigger the approval protocols and automatic verification of custodian facts
  • One-click Preservation and Collection of data forensically
  • Automatically run processing, deduplication, publishing, and index builds

All-in-one Dashboards - Manage and monitor all your workspaces from a single dashboard

Highly intuitive and interactive dashboards help you quickly get a bird’s eye view of your projects and portfolio along with navigating through the underlying data.

  • Interactive dashboards to manage cases across the portfolio for executive and operational level reporting
  • Track end-to-end cases in a true “waterfall” report, monitoring the status in real time
  • Connect to partner deployments to incorporate data managed by third parties
  • Role-based security, segregation of duties, and access to dashboards, templates, and execution workflows
  • ISO 27001 certified

Platform Integration – Easily get your data onboard Relativity & RelativityOne

Optimum ServiceBridge makes it very simple for you to onboard data after the processing stage into Relativity or after the collection stage into RelativityOne, with full defensibility and adherence to the chain-of-custody process.

  • Automatic verification and validation of custodian information from more than 42 types of enterprise and cloud sources
  • Automatically transfer the evidence (pre or post processing) from the corporate network or cloud to RelativityOne
  • Have one-stop settings for the entire eDiscovery process, including the settings for Relativity and RelativityOne

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