Ostentus by elaw

Ostentus empowers RelativityOne users to finish what they started in RelativityOne by accessing powerful, fully integrated evidence presentation capability. Without leaving the security of RelativityOne, users can prepare for, practice and present evidence at hearings. And post-hearing, users can rely on an automatically-generated defensible presentation log.

Seamless evidence presentation functionality integrated directly into RelativtiyOne.

Leveraging patent-protected functionality, Ostentus extends RelativityOne’s scope beyond evidence production to preparation for, and presentation of evidence at hearing.

Without data or users leaving RelativityOne, teams can:

  • Prepare and sequence evidence for presentation
  • Utilise practice mode to Perfect examinations
  • Take control of the Presentation process
  • Preserve presentation activity by automatically generating a defensible presentation log

With Ostentus, your evidence is ready for presentation within your RelativityOne workspace whenever you are.

Key benefits of Ostentus are:

  • Retain seamless access to all RelativityOne functionality and analysis during preparation for and presentation at hearings.
  • Easily sequence evidence for presentation to witnesses, recording specific documents and pages.
  • Leverage Practice Mode so your team can hone case strategy and examination techniques ahead of hearings.
  • Eliminate the effort, cost and security vulnerabilities of exports of data to 3rd party applications at a critical point in your litigation.
  • Role-based personalized views ensure Witnesses see only presented evidence while legal teams see a published view for authorized RelativityOne users with full access to all existing analysis, coding, and RelativityOne functionality.
  • Unlike static hearing presentation solutions, Ostentus allows hearing participants to independently interact with the presented evidence as they can with paper – paging back and forth, zooming in and out, et cetera.
  • Automatically generate a defensible presentation log, preventing post-hearing disputes about the presented evidence.