Park IP Plugin for Relativity

The Park IP Plugin for Relativity provides seamless integration and access to Park IP’s language solutions directly from Relativity. Achieve instant language identification, cost estimates, differing levels of machine and human translation, and, depending upon the translation requirement, immediate individual and batch document translations.

The Park IP Difference

The Park IP Plugin for Relativity was developed to alleviate the pain and complexity associated with the multilingual e-discovery process. We know the e-discovery process is arduous. When foreign language documents are part of the review, costs dramatically increase and time-to-completion expands. By plugging directly into Park IP, you are instantly able to leverage the tools and resources that 90% of the Am Law 100 utilizes for language solutions. Park IP’s technology, comprehensive suite of services, proprietary language tools, and subject matter experts enable the team to focus on quality, efficiency, effectiveness and budget management.

Benefits of the Park IP Plugin for Relativity include:

  • Access to the proprietary Technology Assisted Translation (TAT) framework that reduces costs associated with linear review of foreign language documents.
  • Immediate delivery of individual and batch translations, plus cost estimates.
  • Language identification, at no cost.
  • Ability to review relevant information earlier in the discovery process.
  • Access to proven translation tools and language programs that offer quality, flexibility, and agility.
  • Utilization of in-house computational linguists and engineers who provide high quality language identification and machine translation (MT) solutions.
  • Access to proprietary natural language processing (NLP) tools and experts, which enable MT customization to the highest level.
  • Intuitive user interface identifies human versus machine translated text and alerts of previously translated text.
  • All translated text is automatically delivered back to the Relativity platform and mapped to the source location.

Park IP Services via Relativity

Machine Translation

  • Gist-level translation
  • Lower cost compared to foreign-language reviewers
  • Translations in minutes
  • Customized MT engines
  • First-pass review with English reviewers

Machine Translation with Light Post-Editing

  • Light translator editing
  • Conveys accurate meaning
  • Lower cost and confident analysis
  • Quick turnaround
  • Customized MT engines
  • Second-pass review of relevant documents

Human Translation (Non-Certified)

  • Native style and flow
  • Readable and usable
  • Second-pass review and analysis of relevant documents
  • More confident analysis

Human Translation (Certified)

  • Production or presentation quality
  • Certified quality process
  • Native style and flow