Penumbra by Farsight

Manual redaction of documents has always been a complicated and tedious task to perform - human reviewers struggle to maintain accuracy, efficiency and consistency over time while automated solutions provide reliable and predictable results. Penumbra takes automation one step further, giving you a complete markup management solution including entity recognition.

A complete markup management solution for your redaction workflows.

Penumbra automates the creation of redactions, and that is just the beginning. With built-in entity recognition, readback of existing redactions and collision detection, it takes markup management to the next level. You will get the job done in minutes (instead of tens or even hundreds of hours) with consistency and accuracy at a fraction of the cost compared to manual labor. The solution is scalable and completes even your most demanding jobs with millions of pages.

Penumbra helps you to keep track all versions of our redactions. Especially helpful if you are dealing with DSARS and pseudonymization requests

Key benefits of Penumbra include:

  • Entity Recognition to identify personal information and redact even faster
  • Read back to preserve existing manual redactions and make them manageable
  • Pseudonymization to keep relationships visible while removing actual names
  • Collision detection on rule sets to set precedence and prohibit overlapping redactions
  • Aliasing to collate all related terms and aliases to one entity
  • Advanced Markup Management to create and keep track of various markup versions
  • Inline changes of markups directly in the review layout

Watch the video below to learn more about Penumbra.