PII Tools for Relativity

PII Tools for Relativity automatically detects personal and sensitive information within structured and unstructured data sets. It detects both standard and contextual instances of personal information by analyzing the context in which words are being used within data to determine whether they constitute personal information.

Software that detects personal information within data, so that you don’t have to.

PII Tools for Relativity supports all major native file formats, images, spreadsheets, or text extracted by your data processing tool. PII Tools for Relativity applies machine learning and context sensitive AI detectors to identify supported instances of personal information.

In addition to detecting instances of personal information (such as a name or address), it also analyses the context in which words are being used within data to determine whether the data contains more subtle instances of personal information. For example, it can differentiate between a natural person talking about their religious beliefs (classed as personal information) and a document which discusses religion in general (not personal information).

Benefits of PII Tools include:

  • Applies contextual AI to each document's content to achieve state-of-the-art accuracy and minimize false positives.
  • Parallelized architecture to process big data quickly.
  • Fully integrated with Relativity enabling you to seamlessly embed PII Tools for Relativity within your existing Relativity workflows.
  • Automatically identify PII within your data set, supported by powerful reporting and dashboards.