PrivSmart™ by Lighthouse eDiscovery

PrivSmart™ prioritizes first-pass privilege review and automates privilege log generation by categorizing documents into groups based on their likelihood of being privileged. In addition, it normalizes privilege log entries automatically.

Categorize Multiple Levels of Potentially Privileged Documents to Strategize Review

Through its proprietary SmartSeries™ offerings, Lighthouse eDiscovery cuts clients’ ediscovery costs by effectively and efficiently reducing the volume of data subject to review and automating workflows to analyze, categorize, and report on both relevant and privileged data. PrivSmart™ is a safe and effective way to quickly and cost-effectively conduct first-pass privilege review and create a privilege log. Instead of running search terms and then painstakingly reviewing those documents, PrivSmart™ refines that analysis and helps you categorize documents according to the likelihood of being privileged. Based on your risk aversion, you can then decide whether to spot-check low-risk documents; use less-experienced, lower-billing reviewers to get through them, or exclude them from privilege review entirely.

PrivSmart™ also predicts normalized names which will appear on the privilege log based on document metadata, eliminating the manual work typically required for name normalization. Normalized names and privilege descriptions are automatically included in the draft privilege log, which is fully editable within Relativity. This and other examples of efficient and effective workflow, process, and reporting are available through Lighthouse eDiscovery’s SmartSeries™.

Benefits of PrivSmart™ include:

  • Speeds up your privilege review by at least 10 percent.
  • Reviewers can make more accurate privilege calls through PrivSmart™ categorized document groups.
  • Your teams can focus on ensuring the descriptions comply with the legal requirements of the relevant jurisdiction via PrivSmart™ automated data entry and editing of privilege logs.
  • Complements existing review workflows and uses the familiar Relativity interface.