PrivSmart™ by Lighthouse

PrivSmart uses automation to deliver efficiency and consistency across the entire privilege review and privilege log creation workflow.

Accelerated privilege identification and log creation

PrivSmart is a combination of complementary technologies built to make your privilege workflow more efficient and consistent: Privilege Categorization and Privilege Log.

Privilege Categorization has a user-editable privilege search term list to identify and group potentially privileged documents based on their likelihood to be privileged. These groups can then be assessed and prioritized for further evaluation.

Privilege Log normalizes names based on metadata and generates a log of privileged materials in a matter of minutes. A user-friendly interface allows users to customize and manage their final privilege logs, including managing version control and excluding documents from subsequently generated logs.

Benefits of PrivSmart™ include:

  • Efficient privilege review: Automate steps that aren’t a good use of attorney time and organize information for quick validation and execution.
  • Consistent documents: Achieve better consistency across the entire review workflow with automated data entry and privilege log creation – including privilege log version control.