PwC Custodian Calendar by PwC

The PwC Custodian Calendar tool allows users to visualise calendar documents in a weekly or monthly view, for multiple custodians. This provides a more natural way to view calendar entities, similar to how it would have been viewed in the native application.

A helpful way to view and review calendar data.

The PwC Custodian Calendar brings efficiencies and aids investigations involving calendar data. The tool allows users to generate a calendar visualisation of their data based on a saved search of documents in their Relativity workspace. The user-friendly visualisation shows the data at a high level either via a monthly or weekly view for multiple custodians, and also allows you to select and view relevant metadata about specific entries, including: Title, Meeting time and date, Meeting location, Organiser and Attendees, as well as all the Custodians associated with the entry.

Key benefits of PwC Custodian Calendar include:

  • Visualise your individual calendar documents in a helpful and easy to use calendar view
  • Driven from saved searches in Relativity, making it easy to set up
  • Individual calendar items can be selected to show more information on the event and the corresponding Custodians
  • Aids investigations and quickly identifies clusters of calendar entries for specific time periods which are of interest
  • When viewing a calendar item you can then select to view it in the Relativity viewer should review coding need to be applied